Postgraduate Courses in Geographical Information Systems

Welcome to the UNIGIS Moodle server.  Here you can find access to all of the course materials for the different pathways on the UNIGIS UK Programme.

On login in you will be directly linked to all the units (modules) you are registered for.  All units have the same basic presentation format - the front page identifies (i) the unit learning outcomes and (ii) any assignment details.  Each unit is delivered in a topic by topic format, much like a series of book chapters, and in each topic or section there is a separate reader document as well as a range of supporting materials.  These materials include both formative and summative assessments as well as a diverse range of links to screencasts, webpages, and other external resources. 

Any users on this site experiencing access (or other) problems should contact the UNIGIS UK office by email.

If you are a guest on this site and wish further details about the UNIGIS programme then please go to UNIGIS UK where you can find out more details about the UNIGIS programme and how to join.

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